Christmas Full Moon

I love Full Moons

This year it falls on the 25 th of December.

Winter solstice is on December 22 2015.

It is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Winter solstice occurs for the Northern Hemisphere in December and for the Southern Hemisphere in June.

It is called the Full Cold Moon

The full moon hasn’t fallen on Christmas Day since 1977.




Some of My Deco’s

A poem I wrote several years ago.


Christmas isn’t JUST about receiving gifts

It’s in the Giving of our Time and gifts from the Heart

A tin full of homemade cookies

A decorated jar of homemade bath salts to sooth someone’s weary bones

A phone call to let someone know you’re thinking of them

The Spirit of the Holidays should be everyday

No one is guaranteed tomorrow

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

Be Thankful for each and every blessing

Keep your stress levels low and evenly balanced by being focused and positive 
Shelter from the heat and cold

Food in our tummies

Music too sooth us

Animals (Especially Cats) to love and cherish

Love, Health and a Bit of Abundance
with Time to Enjoy

© Cynthia Martz 2013

Creative Christmas 2013

I have been creating this year.

Hope the Enchantment of the Season continues to sprinkle Happy Fairy Dust all around you.


Greetings From Elf Bubbles Sweet-Buns

Music “The Little Drummer Boy” to listen too while reading News from Key West.

For the past month or so I have been busy creating unique gifts for loved ones. I always burn Music and create DVDs, but this year I have around 50 or so coffee coasters from flop burns that said they burned successfully. Talk about OCD. Yea, I have it Smile

That crap I downloaded from Softonic  came with a few surprises.The codecs download  is full of ~IT~ literally. A pain in the ass to uninstall too. I just figured out how to shut the vprot app off and finally delete it.

It hijacked my browser and added another little malware called Softonic Search that hung out around my clock at the bottom of my screen.

I even made sure too uncheck things I DID NOT want, got them anyways.

The biggest headache was getting rid of the AVG Search Bar that installed even though I did not check the box.

I could not even rid myself of it by the register manually. I would delete the key by running regedit (Register) and back it would come. Just like a bad boyfriend.

I hate crap that takes over your computer without even so much as a Hey, I’m dropping by. They just show up and move right in.

Guess the powers that be have found a way to screw up  burning with all the cyphers and codecs changed. I have found a work around in the form of Freemake. Awesome.

I put special touches on my Xmas cards and they were all sent out the first of last week. I have 5-6 boxes ready too go to other destinations tomorrow.

The weather has been just right, lows in the 60’s highs in the 80’s. Not our usual cooler December temperature’s.

The Drummer Boy Creation


(Click to Enlarge)

Music sheet background with an overlay of a silhouette of the drummer boy.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. “

Henry David Thoreau

I have the “Rock Candy” making down too a science. Three never hardened and were trashed and I was on too the next batch.

I made yellow coconut, green  and red peppermint, Almond and Orange.


My Nut, Banana breads and Chocolate Chip cookie baking will begin on the 23rd.

Later this evening I am trying out the Bath Salts I made. I added dried rose petals, euphoria and lavender Aura Cacia essential oils too the  Coarse Sea Salt and Epsom Salt. Then I added  food coloring by mixing equal amounts of red and blue. Perfect shade of lavender.


“Look in the flowers and perfumes of nature for peace of mind and joy of life”

Last night I heard a ruckus in the kitchen, upon investigating I found that (ODDLY) the secure stopper on one of my bath salts had exploded. Smells good in the kitchen, but bath salts with oil are not my kind of fun to sweep up.

Then just now another crash. Same situation. I believe it is China Cat, she must like the smells of lavender and Euphoria, like cat nip too her. It was a worse mess this time. Now I have the entire bottle with stopper enclosed in a secure bag.

OK researched the Explosions and found that if you use Baking Soda to keep it fresh it causes a build-up of carbon oxide air escaping. If placed in a glass jar it MAY go BOOM. I had already packed and sealed Mary’s so I hope it doesn’t go Boom!

I had a lot of fun making these cute little snow babies.


But alas photos of snow will have to suffice for me.

Kudos to Jax


From my Hometown

Photo by Courtney Mabeus



Top of candle holder

and also the Jingle Balls


China wanted to help.



Beautiful Christmas quilt from my ladybug friend.

I watched “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” last night. It was such a cute animation. I remember back Xmas 94. I had worked a long 12 hour shift, was fighting a cold and went to my daughter’s. Before dinner I had already too much spiked Eggnog.

My take on the matter was I got into it with everybody and left. Next morning I woke, jumped out of bed and came to a very painful halt. My foot was so swollen. My shoes were still on. I took my shoe off and it really swelled. Off to the ER. It was broken in 3 places.

Last thing I remember was a car stopping and a little girl saying “What’s your name?” I told her “Cyndi” She said where do you live and I said “Cyndi” They finally figured out the address on Cindy Ave and dropped me off.

When I got out of the car she patted my head and said “You’ll be OK”. I think I was thrown from the back of a truck that I had tried to get a ride down town on. I probably pissed them off.

So glad those days are finished.


Photo by Butterfly


Photo Property of © Cynthia Martz 2013

Christmas isn’t JUST about receiving gifts

It’s in the Giving of our Time and Heart

A phone call to let someone know you’re thinking of them

The Spirit of the Holidays should be everyday

No one is guaranteed tomorrow

Seven out of Ten Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

Be Thankful for each and every Blessing

Keep your stress levels low and evenly balanced by staying focused and positive

Shelter from the heat and cold

Food in our tummies

Music too sooth us

Animals (Especially Cats) to love and cherish

Love, Health and a Bit of Abundance
with Time to Enjoy

© Cynthia Martz 2013

from Elf Bubbles Sweet-Buns


Hologram State of Mind

Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing. —T. H. Huxley



Every cell in our body enfolds the entire cosmos. So does every leaf, every raindrop, and every dust mote, which gives new meaning to William Blake’s famous poem:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.


Dreams and daily thoughts on the perception of reality; is after all our very own seasoned views in a hologram state of mind.

What IF Everything is a hologram ? Just a projection of our Universal reality.

Thinking about the Nasa Christmas lightshow that no one has mentioned in any way.
Did anyone see it ?

Was it Nasa’s very own Hologram?

The strangest version of all parallel universe proposals is one that emerged gradually over 30 years of theoretical studies on the quantum properties of black holes. The work culminated in the last decade, and it suggests, remarkably, that all we experience is nothing but a holographic projection of processes taking place on some distant surface that surrounds us.

You can pinch yourself, and what you feel will be real, but it mirrors a parallel process taking place in a different, distant reality.

Movies and other media associated with Holographic themes:

Among the more easily recognized are The Matrix (Illusion)

 The Thirteenth Floor (Simulation)


the Holodeck (Grids) in the TV series Star Trek

 Second Life an Internet game

and The Holographic Universe a 1991 book by Michael Talbot

Movies with Holographic themes:

What Dreams May Come

Vanilla Sky

The 5th Element

The Minority Report

Dark Man



The Time Machine (Remake)

The Dark House

Iron Man 3-D

Total Recall

Blade Runner

Star Wars

Source of references:

Shift of Consciousness

Merry Christmas from Elf Bubbles Monkey-Buns.

Jacquie Lawson
Jacquie Lawson

Countdown to Christmas

😉 🙂
I was hoping you got yours today. That doesn’t sound nice, does it?

All I ordered came today except the book lights I ordered. UPS closed my tracking when they posted that the item was delivered and I signed for it. I got in touch with online chat immediately and they are crediting my account back. I copied and pasted our conversation. Now I have to try to figure out how someone around here ? signed my name. The UPS knows me, he was not here so it happened elsewhere. No one speaks English that well around here and I doubt they could sign my name in English. Really, that credit better be in my bank in a few days at any rate. Like I told the guy, that has never happened before. Well, I certainly have gone on about much to do about nothing.

Looks like a good jump-start on a blog post. I’ll send you the link. I’ll call it…Merry Christmas from the Elf Bubbles Monkey-Buns.

I should have copied that. I just read that the Christmas Lightshow that can be seen by everyone, anywhere in the world with or without a telescope is probably a hologram. I have to find that. UTUBER maybe.

Countdown to Christmas


Click to Enlarge

The lights do not twinkle in the snip…shucks

This is a Jacquie Lawson Alpine Advent Calendar. A special gift from my friend.

I posted it on Facebook as my cover picture and she asked how I did that. The following instructions instigated this blog post.

It won’t let you start the Countdown to Christmas till tomorrow. I did decorate my tree and do the puzzle of the village.

I love the Snow Globe Smile

I love the snipping Tool.


Ok, first there is a little tool called the Snipping Tool. Just go to START and type snipping tool in search in your computer and it will come up. I have mine handy on the bottom cause I told it too stay there. Then you have your picture of the tree and all and you do a Window~Prt Scr.

Window is the keyboard symbol that looks like a flag. The Prt Scr-SysRg is at the top of the keyboard on the right. Nothing at all will happen. Go to Paint and open it. On the left is a paste option, paste it, and there is the desktop picture. If it says Paste From you did something wrong. Go back to beginning.

You can do this with anything, web pages ,text anything. Make sure to save it with a name you can remember or a place in your computer like Christmas Pictures or something.

This is funny, you have indirectly gave me an idea to blog. I put a RSS feed from Feed-burner on my blog and I need to post a new blog too check it out. I subscribed to my own blog so it will show in my Google reader and will come in my email.

I made three iced coffee. Hand pressed, cheesecloth filtered, marinated 15 hours Cuban Bustello gunpowder java.

I mix sweetened condensed milk, half and half and some extra sugar for  added sweetness.

Ice and Shake.

Some body will be super charged tomorrow.

Rhea goes into work early.

Off to blog and then off to bed.