Browser Updates~Be Ware or you may be Weary



Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95 m

Chrome and Firefox Browser updates.

Troubles abound with UTUBE downloads in Chrome, Real Player updates and ADOBE Flash.

I first noticed there was a major problem when I clicked on the Download This Video in Chrome while browsing in UTUBE.

It sorta of popped up and just as quickly disappeared with no download screen in site.

Nothing I tried worked and then I read posts where it mentioned it would NOT work in the latest Chrome update. They are working on it and yep the check is in the mail somewhere scenario.

Google “what happened to Download this video in Chrome” and you will see I am not the only one with a few more gray hairs.

I got so frustrated that I uninstalled Real Player and now I am going to uninstall the REAL PLAYER downloader bullshit.

UPDATED OCTOBER 11, 2012: Chrome 22 (released on Sept. 26, 2012) does not currently support our Download This Video feature. At this time, the only solution is to use Internet Explorer or Firefox for downloading videos with RealPlayer.”

Disabling the pepper flash from Google did nothing. It still does not result in a “do you want to download this video” window.

It  worked before the latest update. You just went to your plug-in page and disabled it and wala, it was back.

Not happening this time around.

Back to Firefox for download helper which I have a registration key for~ dewelper, the best. No more balloons in the left hand corner of downloaded video.

I can live with no UTUBE video downloading in Chrome as long as it works just dandy in Firefox.

I did find another site that lets you copy the URL of any video and then download it from there. I tried it and it does work.

You can check that out here.

Keep Vid

Problems with Java after update. Tried updating my web pages in Page Builder and it kept telling me Java was not seen on my computer.

Uninstalled old Java sources.

Went into the register and cleaned any remnants of Real Player, Real Player Downloader, Java OUT.

Ran CCleaner again.

Reinstalled the latest Java Updates again.

Enabled in extensions and plug-ins in both browsers.

IExplorer is not EVEN in my zone.

All is good for now.

Oh and Click and Clean which has been my mainstay for browser cleaning along with CCleaner didn’t want to show options until I got the Java situation worked out.

Two days of bull crap all because of Chrome 23 and Firefox 17.01 updates.

I wish someone would get with the programming.

My head is spinning and my eye lids are drooping 🙂