A Place for Everything and Everything In It’s Place

I woke this morning with the desire to organize. That does not happen very often. I think it stems from not being able to find things where I swear I put them.
I believe these little elves or magical fairies like to move things around and watch us go craze looking for them.

First the maze under the kitchen sink. It is mind-boggling what I have put there. Seemed like a great place at the time. Then there is the space under the bathroom sink…I found a pair of my favorite shoes there yesterday; that the cat decided she liked to chew on.

One time I found my keys in the cat can bag and the cat food in the freezer. Not to mention the time I made coffee with bird seed instead of coffee. That’s called doing too many things at the same time. I think I am an octopus 🙂

I have two of a lot of things because if I seriously can not find something I go to Walgreen’s or K Mart and replace so-called lost item. No sooner I get home, there is lost item right where I put it last. My kitchen looks like Noah’s Ark. One lost and one found.

Then of course I blame my cat China on many things. She likes to drag things around and hides them very well. She removes items from my purse…jumps on top of the fridge…finds things and puts them where she can find them.

Then there is Spring cleaning. You know ,the time has come to get rid of the clothes that you will never fit in again. Favorite sentimental mementos that have lost there meaning along with the men that gave them too you. I must make a list as I go about trashing these things. It will save moments looking for them on another day.

I always say “But, I couldn’t have gotten rid of that…what was I thinking ?” Evidently,I was thinking how much I hated the person at the time, or how much it reminded me of something that did not resonate with me. One time I threw a pain prescription out by accident. I took my little step chair to the dumpster, propped it up and climbed on in. I retrieved the prescription and proceeded to be so excited I left the brand new step chair leaning up against the dumpster. Later, I decided to hang some curtains and couldn’t find the step chair. By the time I back tracked it was gone, and was most likely sitting pretty in someone else’s house. I guess they wondered why anyone would throw out such a nice step stool.

My mama had the habit of hiding money behind bricks in the fireplace. She could never remember which brick.

That’s the problem with a good hiding space, it is so good you can’t even find it.

I need a drink ,now where did I put that book ???

Clutter,Clutter Barrel and Blunder
How do you materialize?
Seems you grow from such small corners
Spaced out places in my mind
Hidden,no longer seen
Covered in dust bunnies and cobwebs
Remnants of moments in time
Today is the Day…Time to go…no time to whine

Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz