Flannel shirts and long soft skirts
Wind blowing through my hair
Letter writing in the sunny spots
Don’t need the shade on this Spring day
Thoughts in mind Of times gone by
Always on a road less traveled






Countdown to Christmas


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The lights do not twinkle in the snip…shucks

This is a Jacquie Lawson Alpine Advent Calendar. A special gift from my friend.

I posted it on Facebook as my cover picture and she asked how I did that. The following instructions instigated this blog post.

It won’t let you start the Countdown to Christmas till tomorrow. I did decorate my tree and do the puzzle of the village.

I love the Snow Globe Smile

I love the snipping Tool.


Ok, first there is a little tool called the Snipping Tool. Just go to START and type snipping tool in search in your computer and it will come up. I have mine handy on the bottom cause I told it too stay there. Then you have your picture of the tree and all and you do a Window~Prt Scr.

Window is the keyboard symbol that looks like a flag. The Prt Scr-SysRg is at the top of the keyboard on the right. Nothing at all will happen. Go to Paint and open it. On the left is a paste option, paste it, and there is the desktop picture. If it says Paste From you did something wrong. Go back to beginning.

You can do this with anything, web pages ,text anything. Make sure to save it with a name you can remember or a place in your computer like Christmas Pictures or something.

This is funny, you have indirectly gave me an idea to blog. I put a RSS feed from Feed-burner on my blog and I need to post a new blog too check it out. I subscribed to my own blog so it will show in my Google reader and will come in my email.

I made three iced coffee. Hand pressed, cheesecloth filtered, marinated 15 hours Cuban Bustello gunpowder java.

I mix sweetened condensed milk, half and half and some extra sugar for  added sweetness.

Ice and Shake.

Some body will be super charged tomorrow.

Rhea goes into work early.

Off to blog and then off to bed.