Just a Nicks Nudge

I loved flowing skirts, boots and hats. Still do.

Watching the latest episode of “American Horror Story” instigated a memory. It was a wonderful tribute to Stevie Nicks, or “the White Witch,” as Lily Rabe’s Misty Day called her. “take flight” when she sang along to the background song of     “Rhiannon”

Flying is what I want if I could pick a personal superpower.  Flying in dreams is great, but to truly take flight. I am contemplating.

Years ago  I was living in Michigan with my daughter. We were undulated by a Northern blizzard of snow that came off Lake Michigan. No one on the roads. She asked me if we could go out and play in the snow with the car. I thought too myself, and then told her “If you can get the car out from under the snow piled up on it, then yes, we could play.

An hour or so later after acquiring the services of several neighbor boys she came to tell me she was ready.

No one on the roads. Snow and wind blowing as we carefully made our way. We did circle 8’s in an empty parking lot. When we came back, we warmed up and she said she wanted to go to a little tavern. It was in Saint Joseph called “High’s Saloon” It was always Christmas ready all year round. Lights twinkled, trains huffed and puffed overhead, many pieces of memorabilia like TGI Fridays before they changed.

We walked through the snow, barely able to see and it was so cold.

On the way back she stopped and we did a bit of Christmas shopping at a small shop that had no other customers. Walking home we realized we had left our doggy bag with potato skins, nacho’s, my mouth was watering.

A few weeks later she presented me with  my gift. A life-size poster of Stevie Nicks. She knew I loved the “Nicks”

The Nicks Spin was what it was all about.

Stevie’s fashion sense became my own. It was part gypsy, medieval, gothic.

I loved flowing skirts, boots and hats. Still do.

This is all about the Spin Lady.

Gold Dust Woman


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Spirit Travelers


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….The look on my Dad’s face was stern and perplexed. My Mother had that half-smile with the bluest twinkle in her eyes.

It was mid morning. My younger sister and I had moved to New York City that summer. We had rented a small ground level apartment next to a bakery. The windows were covered in wrought iron. The ceilings were like those in a church and the huge skylights let the bright morning light shine into our realm; much to our dismay on a morning such as this.

Edie and I had went out the night previous. New York City Nights…We brought late night “Party Till” persons back to our place. The beds had been used but not for sleeping.

Going to sleep was not an option; as the parents were coming in on the morning train. Morning had already begun, as I sit on my bum in the loo contemplating the day ahead.

As I read some old news from our news rack, I heard Edie say “Do you think we could go BY a grocery and stock up on their favorites including Mom’s biscuits and dad’s sausage he loved”

This made me laugh hysterically and I replied “ Do you really think we can afford to BUY a grocery”

She did not seem as amused as I was.

The windows had all  been opened. Our over night guests vacated our castle just a few hours before. We didn’t want any lingering odors of smoke, burnt pizza or  other contraband greeting the folks bright and early.

My legs were numb. I had sat too long in the loo. The curtain to the window was blowing slightly. I could hear the street sounds and smell the bread already in the ovens. The morning rush of city dwellers and out of city subbers had begun.

That’s when I noticed Mom and Dad standing outside the window.

They had arrived earlier then we expected.

“A true spirit visitation dream supports the notion that a loved one is never far away, guiding and contributing to the life of the dreamer. It eases the longing for re-connection and inspires faith in an afterlife. Guiding souls are not on a spiritual platform above us looking down but are invisibly amongst us blessing us daily with their love and offering a helping hand.”

Quote above from unknown source.

The Drowning


The water was turbulent
The color of ink
Murky and foreboding

I prayed for time

I jumped into the fray

My arms and legs moved quickly like tentacles
Hoping for a connection

I sensed her


I held her

She panicked and flung herself from my grasp

I felt her

Slide past, descending into her watery grave of a dreamless rest

© Cynthia Martz 2013

Grandma’s Busts

The sky tram was filled to capacity. We were hopeful that we would be hired for the newest and most extravagant eatery on the mountain. As the tram pulley ascended and took us to our destination, we viewed the most exquisite scenery. We could see the new dining area in the distance located inside the side of the mountain. The palm filled terrace overlooked a huge lake that glistened like diamonds. It seemed almost surreal.


I was one of the first to have an interview. It went well and I was told to prepare for the night’s opening. Diners were already escorted off the trams and being led to there tables.

I was intrigued with my new boss. After the shift we had to wait in long lines to tally out and be cleared for tram descent. I was singled out and told to meet him at his office. Nervously  I went and spoke of the evening.  The wonderful travelers I had met and served. I told him I had confused things for myself by entering on each ticket the same group name. I was supposed to put a different name on each ticket. That helps in case a order is returned or I am to busy to deliver it myself. Every ticket I wrote at the bottom and top had the words “Grandma’s Busts”.  My boss had a great laugh from that one. He handed me a envelope and said the contents were to be used however I wished. Inside was a key with a number on it. I realized it was a dock key and he said I was too meet him at a certain time and we would have an adventure. He insisted I dress elegantly. He had also enclosed a unlimited expense credit card for me to purchase whatever I wished.

I left his office feeling very special. The others were still waiting in the lines as I walked past.

I did not know what the adventure would be but I did know it was on the water. I went to one of my favorite Vintage stores and picked out a beautiful dress. It was backless so no need for a bra. I knew the wind would catch it and show off my sexy undergarments. My knee high leather boots were accentuated with eagle metal taps and clicked every step I took. I bought a small bag that held the new bathing attire I purchased. A simple white, interlaced with fiery red chili peppers appliques on it .



I was excited. I went to the dock and searched for the key number. My eyes focused on the beautiful vessel that appeared in front of me. It was a huge boat. I stood on the dock and there he was. He was dressed in a smoking jacket and I could smell the aroma of Captain Black, the sweet smoke perpetuating the air.

He reached out his hand and helped me onboard. The table was set. Wine ready to be poured and enjoyed in the finest crystal goblets. A soft tempo of music played throughout the quarters. He complimented me on my style of dress for the evening. He reached under a table and removed a box. He gave it too me and requested that I open it. Inside were the most beautiful black velvet slippers. They were called “Cynthia “ slippers. They felt like heaven on my feet.

The boat was in motion, as the pink and lavender hues of sunset were filling the evening sky. He said dinner would be served when we arrived at our destination. He handed me a chilled glass of Indigo Moon Pinot Grigio vintage wine and offered me  hors d’oeuvres.

The first taste reminded me of the aromas of apple, sea breeze, and pineapple. My favorite things 🙂

For some reason my thoughts kept repeating over and over, as the saying goes “its not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean”

This man was making all the appropriate motions and I was impressed.

It was dark now and the faint glow from the boat chambers was very romantic. He led me to another area of the boat. We entered a room with a lovely Jacuzzi bubbling over. Rainbow lights accented the ambiance. We sit on the edge and continued drinking our wine and communicating.

I excused myself and changed into my new fiery bikini. We lowered ourselves into the warm and soothing water.

I am now wondering about our destination. I hear persons talking. We are docking. There is a helicopter awaiting us. We go on aboard and are situated for take off. It is a short trip as we are now on a runway and a jet is being fueled for our continued adventure.

The jet is a private one. We settle in by watching a movie on the full screen. Of course more wine and various snacks are offered and consumed. It is dark as I look out the windows of the aircraft.

He shows me to my sleeping area and says a nap might be good for us. I love naps. Napping on a flight to an unknown destination is an interesting concept.

The bright sunlight awakens me. It looks amazing from my perspective.

I hear the planes gears go into action and know landing is on the agenda.

We are in France.

A car awaits us and we travel through the wine country and towering fields of sunflowers  and full blooming lavender.


Champ de lavande, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France (field of lavender in Provence)

We stop at a winery on the outskirts of Providence. Our dinner consists of freshly baked breads, cheese, more wine and local delicacies.


Afterwards we are off to Paris and the Eiffel Tower.


The Vintage shopping spree in Paris was unbelievable.

At my request he took me to

Didier Ludot : Didier Ludot is worldwide famous for his selection of (well-priced) Vintage including big names like Chanel, Balenciaga or Hermès. His impressive store, set in the historic galleries of Palais-Royal, can be intimidating. Prices are not for the faint-hearted, with tags reaching the thousands.

Vintage is basically recycling clothes, so on every level it’s clever, cheaper and better for the environment.

Besides Vintage never goes out of fashion.

What an adventure…

Oh by the way, this was but a dream Smile