Easter’s Pink Moon

It’s 2015…April 1st.

We’re making paper mache eggs on Friday.

Changing calenders. This everlasting calender was given to me in 2000. Ortish-Easter-CareDad and I changed the dates together in January 2001. He died January 31st 2001.
I also put together my Easter Care Basket.My special paper mache egg that Buf and I created in 2002.I even blogged about making them.

My mama always said it was a FULL MOON night when I was born.

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Full Moon: Being born in the middle of the cycle means that your talents lie in bringing matters to fruition. You are adept at tempering logic with instinct and practicality with creativity. Moreover, this period acts like a bridge, linking you to the past, but also projecting your ideas into the future. The negative side is that you may suffer guilt and irrational fears, especially when it comes to personal relationships. Only when you learn to take control of your own feelings, rather than taking your emotional cue from your partner, will you find a way of sustaining a mutually rewarding intimate relationship. Your best efforts will find their flowering after middle age.

Easter always falls after the first full moon of spring.
which is always the first full moon after the spring equinox – therefore the beginning of spring.

This is how later, the calculation of the Easter date had been determined: Easter takes place on the Sunday after the first full moon in spring.

The Last Supper

Full Moon Calculator