More S’mores Please


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“Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

~Ernestine Ulmer

Mounds of delicious S’mores with peanut butter bottom, dark chocolate morsels melted to creamy smoothness with sweeten condensed milk, poured into a warm iron skillet and topped with big mellows.

6-7 minutes later drizzle with dark chocolate syrup and try to drag yourself away.

Down on Our Farms

Charcoal Blend Home

A picture I sketched in 1989 of The Old Martz Farm


Last evening I watched a wonderfully protrayed documentary called “Bitter Seeds” It is the same people that gave us China Blue and The Wal-Mart Wars.

The most recent information on this matter can be found here.

I grew up on a farm. Farming has always been the way of my world. My father farmed, his parents, their parents. We survived each year by having seeds that were used from previous crops.

From source:

“Nature, when left alone, provides you with the means to propagate the next harvest in a never-ending cycle.”

Monsanto has changed all of this .Genetically modified and engineered seeds are destroying us in more ways to one. The Prop 37  bill which will be voted on the November 6 th ballot will ask that all GE-GM product be labeled as such.

A interesting clip taken from the movie Food,Inc.

The sweetness is gone

The bees are killed by the Roundup spray. Worms take over the crops. The chemicals are known cancer predecessors.

You are what you eat.

Drinking water has fluoride in it

Organically grown makes me wonder ?

Mosquito sprays have cancer links

Makes me hate to go into a grocery store.

The meat isle scares me sometimes.

I think of all the animals , how they are inhumanly raised and treated.

Then tortured and  killed so we can pay exorbitant prices and have a feast of them.

Why California’s Proposition 37 Should Matter to Anyone Who Cares About Food –

Big Food is also feeling beleaguered by its increasingly skeptical and skittish consumers. Earlier this year the industry was rocked when a blogger in Houston started an online petition to ban the use of “pink slime” in the hamburger served in the federal school-lunch program. Pink slime — so-called by a U.S. Department of Agriculture microbiologist — is a kind of industrial-strength hamburger helper made from a purée of slaughterhouse scraps treated with ammonia. We have apparently been ingesting this material for years in hamburger patties, but when word got out, the eating public went ballistic.

via Why California’s Proposition 37 Should Matter to Anyone Who Cares About Food –

Mounds to go Before I Sleep

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I just baked a delicious meal with no oil in the cub-board. I just reread this and it sounds like I baked a chicken in the cub-board with no oil. cracking myself up.

Baked Chicken wings with potatoes immersed in Chicken garlic broth and a couple dabs of butter and just a flash of olive oil.

It looked and tasted fried. The potatoes and chicken left such a beautiful crust I made enough to fill the gravy boat in the same iron skillet. I made a Greek salad on the side but the store-bought in a pinch Greek dressing disappointed. Put frozen corn on the back burner that heated from the oven without need to turn on. Then I popped some biscuits in the still warm oven. I topped them with cinnamon sugar and butter. Served with gravy on top. Dessert!

Rhea says what’s cooking, I forgot to turn the oven off.

We are stuffed.

Drawing a hot bath. I love Lavender Yardley soap.

Almost time for a MOUNDS frozen chocolate coconut bar Smile