More S’mores Please


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“Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

~Ernestine Ulmer

Mounds of delicious S’mores with peanut butter bottom, dark chocolate morsels melted to creamy smoothness with sweeten condensed milk, poured into a warm iron skillet and topped with big mellows.

6-7 minutes later drizzle with dark chocolate syrup and try to drag yourself away.

Candid Canon~Take13

Hope you enjoyed a HAPPY HALLOWEEN



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Birthday creation for granddaughter


Apples and Oranges and of course the Pears.


Guard Cat of the Birdies


Minnie Napping


Indian Corn


Plastic Bugs on top Do Not Eat


Mango’s and Avocado’s


Pineapples and Kiwe




Yummy Papaya’s




I Melted

Halloween Moons


This night the veil is thin
Hallowed Eve
Be aware of everything
Notice all
be open
do not fear the dark
There is much light from the darkness
Burn a candle
Play festive music
Allow and rejoice
You walk in the here and now
the present
the beyond needs to know you
remember they have gifts for us

Cynthia Rivera  © 2003

Hope you have a Great Halloween and Happiest Birthday Month (Scorpions).


Good Read

Yes, I still see intrinsically as to my nature and see signs and even run into them sometimes. I dang near knocked myself out. I seen stars and comets.

They say everything is speeding up really fast now and I totally feel it.


I have two doctor appointments this week. My LBC is still low and the platelets are going way low. I do sleep a good bit. But, hey I will be 64 on the 18 th of November and a lady needs her beauty sleep.

Besides, my flying dreams are just so awesome.

A good man gets out of prison Feb 2013. He seems so changed. Prison does that. It allows you the time and space to really see yourself.

I believe that is the only positive thing I can say about prison. Of course other then I am glad I have never been there. Came close

It is not possible to be separate; we are each a point of light within the greater light

LaUna Huffines

I just checked my mail and they sent me a jury summons. I never go to them and YES they are suppose to put warrants out. But, hasn’t happened yet so I am not gonna worry about it.

Don’t be a stranger

I miss the changing of the leaves, palms don’t change colors



Where I Roamed


Steering Wheel

Happy Halloween 2011

One year I put fake spiders and bugs in the cauldron pot along with nickles,dimes,pennies and of course smoked ice and candy.I told the kids to close there eyes and dig.If they found a bug or spider they would get a quarter.Of course whatever else there little hands could grab.They pretty much ran off,no more trick or treat here.


Fantasy Fest 2011

Revelers in skimpy costumes, Fantasy Fest, Key...
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