The Green Man

A package from a friend came in the mail yesterday. In it were beautiful handmade items and a very RARE Tarot set called “The Green Man Tree Oracle” I was not familiar with it, so I decided to sit back, do some research and read the book before “Hugging The Trees”so to speak with a card reading.

The Green Man challenges us to respect this planet and all its creatures and plants.  He is happy to work with us, but equally will attack us if we do not heed his blazing stare

Later in the evening I decided to watch several TV shows I needed to catch up on and one of them was “Alice In Wonderland (Once Upon A Time)

Who’s Alice?  There in the forest where Alice found her self spell-bound and mesmerized off sparkly HAPPY dust were lots of “Green Men

The trees seemed alive, they talked and moved.

Green_Tree_Man Green_Tree_Man2


Birch                                 Scot’s Pine                                 Oak

(Click to Enlarge) Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz

Birch ~ The death or end of something

Scot’s Pine ~ The higher you climb the clearer you see

It never sheds it’s leaves, it is forever Green

Oak ~ No one knows their fate

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