Caboodle Cat Ranch

On TLC a Cat’s Paradise

I had heard about the ranch a few years ago and thought how lovely,a little paradise for kitties to be safe and warm.I have read the news events of the past few days and am wondering what to believe.This man evidently has a huge heart.You can clearly see how much of himself he put into this place.I hope whatever goes down it is fair.Most of all I hope all the kitties are safe and the ones that are truly sick be put out of there misery.He mentioned he did not want to play God,but sometimes euthanasia is the kindest act of all.

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EARTHLINGS – Make the Connection. | Nation Earth

I just watched this and it is so overwhelming and emotional.For anyone who loves animals.For anyone Who cares about what they eat,it is a hard one to watch but a must -see.
We can not continuously be in the dark,the light is there if we just open our eyes too it.
Ignoring it will not make it better,being informed and making conscious efforts to change our eating habits and buying indulgences can eventually make a difference.
Be informed don’t be ignorant.