Meandering as She Goes

It is stifling hot
My day so far:

Feeling so tired and achy all over.Left hand feels like it is freezing.Cramps in both.It is good I write things down.Today has seemed so long and I have got a bit done.My kitchen is clean but cluttered and I feel no desire to remedy it.

5:02 AM 5/13/2017
Minnie’s mournful feed me now cry.She gobbles her food with Forti Flora on top. This is good.

11:18 AM 5/13/2017
Oh my back,my sides,my head,my neck,my ass,my feets,what the hell,I am falling apart.Where is that darn super glue???

1:44 PM 5/13/2017
I am making homemade potato salad and chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow at Rhea’s.

1:47 PM 5/13/2017
Went to store,stopped and got a free cone chocolate and vanilla mix soft serve.I got a fill up on the moped a few weeks ago and for got my freebie.It was delicious.

4:42 PM 5/13/2017
RR called I answered RD called I let it ring.

8:34 PM 5/13/2017
Watching Death in Paradise.Hand still very cold and I feel discombobulated.

I grew up in the country hills and farm land of Frederick,Maryland. I feel like I am running through fields after fields of wildflowers.Never tiring of the beauties I found.I especially loved the Honeysuckle,Dandelions,Blue bonnets.

11:50 PM 5/8/2017
I have a talking chair.Sometime after anyone sits in it,a odd noise comes from it.I am used to it now.Perhaps,a good ole DW-40 spray would do the trick.Moped charge $25.He said I was not pulling the brake handles tight enough, never heard of such a thing. He said the battery was fine and it started right up after cleaning out the brake handles of dirt and debris???

Watching Death in Paradise

Researching what Trump might do for hurricane help in case of a storm such as Sandy or Katrina???

Immigration laws.Isis.The new laws.
1. End “catch-and-release” policies that allowed immigrants subject to deportation to stay. “ICE will not exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. All of those in violation of immigration law may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.”

2. Prioritize individuals deemed most dangerous or at risk of flight until detention center capabilities are increased.

3. Hire 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and 5,000 more Border Patrol agents.

4. Partner with the Department of Justice to “surge” the deployment of immigration judges and asylum officers to process more cases faster.

5. Deport anyone who crossed the border illegally through Mexico back there, regardless of his or her country of origin.

6. Prosecute parents who smuggle their children into the country.

7 missing

8. Start the planning process for the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

9. Expand the 287(g) program, which empowers participating local officers to act as immigration agents.

12:32 AM 5/9/2017
I gave Minnie Penni Kat her lavender bath.I do not use a shower water spray but instead fill a bowl and use a washcloth that is warm and wrung out.She seems to enjoy it.Except for her feet cleaning and rear in,than she tries to bite but doesn’t.She has never bit me in all her 14 years.

1:32 AM 5/9/2017

Yes, Frederick,Maryland is named for Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, son of King George II, and father of King George III. German culture and tradition abounded, as did the language which is said to have been more commonly spoken in the streets of Frederick than English into the early 1800’s. There was also an abundance of attractive German farmer’s daughters and German craftsmen daughters as well. Couple this with crappy conditions back home and the real possibility of being sold back into military service by royal forces, and Frederick, Maryland looked like a very inviting prospect for a new lease on life.

This was sometime in the 1850s through 1860s when the barracks grounds also served home to the Frederick County Cattle Show and Agricultural Exhibition, known today as the Great Frederick Fair. The Agricultural Exhibition was put on hold from 1862-1867 due to the American Civil War.

The flag Matilda had made would be handed down in the family to future generations. Its special importance was renewed in 1917 when the United States went to war against Matilda’s native country of Germany. She would have five grandsons participating in this heartbreaking “world war.”

William E. Main (grandson) )also donated Matilda’s flag to the City of Frederick, where it is displayed on the second floor of City Hall.

9:47 PM 5/9/2017
Wire Sculptures by Fantasywire

Dancing with Dandelions
Robin, somethings in this journey called Life literally grab us. I am over joyed with your artistic work. I love dandelions and my daughter loves fairies. We never stop believing in magic. I am 68 and she is 48.

12:24 PM 5/10/2017
Funny that the butterfly came out of the woods. I recently re-posted “Safe in My Cocoon”
“within this moment and this moment only, as you drink the nectar of the garden and give thanks for the many blessings of your life.”

Charleton said “This is what I call a God moment. I capture an image and realize later I captured something bigger than myself, which I didn’t originally intend to shoot. I just thank God for the beautiful meaningful moment, I take no credit because it was unintended. Two Hearts become one. March 16, 2017, we are on our way to base camp that very morning to get James and Ashley married and this happens,…there are two hearts in the sky, like a puzzle. One heart is full and the other empty; that day their hearts became one. Absolutely no Photoshop here, I didn’t touch the sky, this just happened on their wedding day.”

Congratulations to our couple, James and Ashley. A truly epic and rare wedding that will go on the books as one of my favorite weddings of all time.

8:05 PM 5/10/2017
Scorpio Full Moon
Everyone wants to now how you are able to manifest things into existence with such supposedly ease.

12:49 PM 5/12/2017
Back to the very Fast Firefox browser.Chrome got slow.

8:29 PM 5/13/2017
WOW~(Words of Wisdom)
WOW (Wishing Only Well)
WOW (Mom Upside Down)
WOW (Wise Older Women)
WOW (Warriors of Wellness)

Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.