Remembering~ The Enchanted Forest

The Fairyland

When I grew up in Frederick,Maryland,my dad took all of us to this lovely fairy tale place. Little Toot, the seven dwarfs mine, the music , the smells of food and cotton candy. Oh that the world was as innocent as it once was, so that today’s generation could enjoy these simple pleasures and remember them 50 years later like I can.

I remember like it was yesterday. Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three bears, Cinderella,Old Lady in a shoe, the Gingerbread house~ all came to life it seemed.

Then along came developers and a new shopping mall. The Forest was not so much the attraction anymore with television,movies and Bigger and Better Amusement Parks on the horizon.

Nostalgia, melancholy…things we remember as they once were in our hearts.

Now the remains of a lost moment in time. The smiles it made, the laughter.