Magical Marvin Key

Last night mama came to see me in my dreams and gave me a handful of beautiful wildflowers.

I’ve been thinking. Someone told me once I was desperate and pathetic. Move on. Now that I think about that again it is the exact thing my EX used to say too me when I questioned him about HIS other women. He always replied they were desperate and pathetic and needed to move on. That they were only trying to break us up.
I ask how does someone move on when said person is always calling, coming over and saying how much he loves and wants me back ?

Phone goes unanswered, door goes unopened~ that’s HOW ???

Yesterday, the forecast called for scattered showers and heavy rain. It looked dismal but we took a chance. It turned out to be a beautiful day. We went further this time, past Snipes and on to Marvin Key. I like it even better then Snipes if that is possible. It seemed surreal, the small lagoons and the mangroves with the two paths reminded me of “The Road Not Taken”  a poem by Robert Frost.