Inside Job – One Moment Please

” Don’t be dependent on the system. Rage against the machine people.”

Inside Job

This may be on Net-flicks. I will check it out. I do not plan on voting. It is a Matrix…and it’s getting worse.

It’s our world’s Reality and people just don’t get it. I am so glad and feel so blessed that I am not a part of the machine. No corporate ladders for me. Big houses and money burning my pockets up. Greed and Mayhem.

I have always had enough. My perception has guided me with Universal nudges.

As Lynda the Astrologer says “It could be a time of the proverbial stuff hitting the fan and “everyone for themselves”.

“Although there are many memories of the past that should be stored, deemed precious or kept for posterity, some need to be thrown out, forgotten and let go of in order to allow space for bigger and better things.”

Inside Job