Inner Silence

I pretty much am of the age where I can actually say “Been there, done that” and with much glee do not mind the “nightmare”

Someone just smiled for no special reason
It looks like the smile’s come back into season
It’s so easy, doesn’t have to be a nice day
Just the only one you’ve got and it’s coming ready or not

Ready or Not


Misty Morning

Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz (Click for larger Picture)

A path was taken
it made me smile
It awakened me
aroused something in me
I see no flowers blooming,
I feel no sand between my toes

Not even a “H A Y”
How are you?

A fine mist that appeared and as quickly disappeared
Mere seconds in the complexity of time

No more anger in my heart
broken windows
slashed tires
harsh words
they are past
many years ago

I am alive with LIFE
I am a butterfly
Changing as I go…

New ones will seek my flame
burning brightly
I am not a caterpillar in a cocoon
I am free

At This stage in my life
I Know where I stand
what I need
as always~

to be
just me

Remembering~ The Enchanted Forest

The Fairyland

When I grew up in Frederick,Maryland,my dad took all of us to this lovely fairy tale place. Little Toot, the seven dwarfs mine, the music , the smells of food and cotton candy. Oh that the world was as innocent as it once was, so that today’s generation could enjoy these simple pleasures and remember them 50 years later like I can.

I remember like it was yesterday. Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three bears, Cinderella,Old Lady in a shoe, the Gingerbread house~ all came to life it seemed.

Then along came developers and a new shopping mall. The Forest was not so much the attraction anymore with television,movies and Bigger and Better Amusement Parks on the horizon.

Nostalgia, melancholy…things we remember as they once were in our hearts.

Now the remains of a lost moment in time. The smiles it made, the laughter.

Forget Me Not

“Don’t forget me!” This beautiful flower came to be known as Forget-me-not, associated in the language of flowers with true love – the love that never dies.

Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz
Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz

Thoughts of my mama and dad just went through me like a summer breeze on a warm day…

A story about forgetmenots, the Flower.

There was a young man and woman and they were walking on a mountain trail one day and she saw these lovely flowers on the bank. The man being young and in love decided to climb down the mountain a bit and retrieve the lovely flowers for her. They were dainty like her, soft and the color of the sky. The center was yellow and reminded him of her blonde hair.

According to an ancient legend, a knight about to get married, dressed in his armor, was taking a ride along a river with his fiancée. His fiancée saw an extremely beautiful bunch of blue flowers rocking on the waves, and asked her paramour to pick them up. As he reached over to get them, the knight slipped and fell into the river.

The heavy armor hindered him from swimming and he started sinking into the water, but not before throwing her the blue flowers and shouting: “Don’t forget me!” This beautiful flower came to be known as Forget-me-not, associated in the language of flowers with true love – the love that never dies.

My dad carried this from my mama in WW 2.

My mother loved the dainty flowers and always had forget me nots in her home.