Just Another Birthday

I still have 4 loads of laundry probably 5 by Wednesday when I realized that is the slowest day at the laundry and that is when my new laundry day will be.

I had a scare the other day. I remember washing mama’s quilt and putting it in the dryer. I had to be at the laundry first thing at 8 am the next day to be sure of getting it back.

They closed it at 5 PM and I had a few things including the quilt left in the dryer.


Mama 17

Because I have had my good under clothes and good sheets and towels stolen I have to keep an eagle eye out and check several times.

They are not open on the weekends now since that is when the thieves hit, the office is closed and they would come in with found cards and use the facility.

Anyways, after 4 hours of laundry the other day I came in and laid down. I have been so tired since the time change this year and seem to want to sleep more. When I refuse my body that wish I seem to be more forgetful.

I was laying there and thought about the quilt. I went and checked the laundry cart with wheels that I had parked in the living room. It was not there.

The dried clothes from the previous days wash were there, including the blanket Victoria made me last year. It was one regular Pissy Pants China load and the big washer load of just mama’s quilt. I used two dryers.

I came in here and with a sinking heart checked the closet and there it was !

Seems China likes Mama’s quilt so much. Every time I put it on the bed all freshly washed she decides it’s her favorite PEE spot.

crop_Lanky_China [800x600]

I do not remember carrying the quilt back here and putting it in the closet. I would have had to have carried it solitary; and think it so odd that memory is lost.

All the rest of the clothes that I had just finished were also there.

It’s like my body was so tired I completely phased out walking back here with a HUGE quilt in my arms ???

Seriously, I am still not used to this latest time change. It has effected me very differently this year.

Tomorrow, I will be 64.

I made cyngetti last night. Rhea bought garlic and Texas Toast and we added garlic to the toast. I found the spaghetti sauce I made from scratch to be a tad runny and not thick like I had wished.

Smelling of permeated garlic we were off to see the last installment of “Breaking Dawn”

It was the best yet; as it should be~ because after all it is the Last.

I have noticed since I finally got into “The Walking Dead” and American Horror Story (Asylum) my dreams have totally taken on a new and disturbing turn.

I even watched Bob’s Zombies Eat Lead vid again last night.

My bro solo in the mountains, oh wait Zombies

Scott and his Mother will cook Thanksgiving together. He is making a Ham and since his recipe sounds so Paradise Ham familiar like mine, I said “Good Deal”

I will just make the 2 Sweet Potato pies and Rhea is making her specialty Green Bean Casserole. She uses Cr of Chicken, and Cr of Mushroom soup together. It tastes really good, different from most person’s recipe for it 🙂

Key West Paradise Ham

A precooked Spiral ham is awesome on the grill

Before baking ham, place pineapple slices on ham with toothpicks and place cherries in center of pineapple.

Do not buy Glaze in a jar…make your own sweetness Smile

In a medium microwave safe bowl combine brown sugar and reserved pineapple juice. Mix together and microwave for about 5 minutes, until mixture is thick. Pour some of this glaze over the ham about every 15 minutes in the last hour of baking, until all is used.

After heating in the oven then you can place it on the grill and continue basting for a great flavor explosion.

Roast some brown sugar and buttered squash in place of sweet potatoes for a change-up.

Sweet Potato Pie

2    large red sweet potatoes
1    cup light brown sugar, packed
1    cup evaporated milk
3    large eggs
1    teaspoon vanilla
1    teaspoon cinnamon
1/4    teaspoon ground mace
1/4    teaspoon salt
1    egg white, beaten
1    jiffy pie crust or already made frozen pie crust or make your own.But 1 for a one crust pie
1.  Cook potatoes till tender.
2.  may microwave them if you wish,but must let cool and then mash till smooth consistency.
4.  place potatoes in large bowl,and mix in brown sugar, (MAY USE FOOD PROCESSOR OR ELECTRIC MIXER).
5.  add evaporated milk,3 eggs,vanilla,cinnamon,mace,and salt.
6.  brush your pie crust with the beaten egg white.
7.  Put filling into crust.
8.  bake in preheated oven at 400 degrees,for about 45 minutes,or till puffed around edges,and set in middle.

What kind of Tator are you ?

Rhea’s Green Bean Casserole

1 can  Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

1 can  Campbell’s Condensed Crème of Chicken Soup

1/2 –1 cup milk

1 teaspoon soy sauce

Dash ground black pepper

4 cups cooked cut green beans(Freshly snapped and par cooked are better)

1 1/3 cups French’s® French Fried Onions

How to Make It

  • 1 Stir the soup, milk, soy sauce, black pepper, beans and 2/3 cuponions in a 1 1/2-quart casserole.
  • 2 Bake at 350°F. for 25 minutes or until the bean mixture is hot and bubbling.  Stir the bean mixture.  Sprinkle with the remaining onions.
  • 3 Bake for 5 minutes or until the onions are golden brown.

My cats Beethoven CD messed up so I need to burn another one.

It relaxes my gurls 🙂


Minnie Nodding off


China undercover

North and South Nodes

I do not know what forces instigated this search for my Node but everything I found resonated so much I was enthralled.

The Nodes Know

The South Node here has great gold in its shadowy inheritance~we missed the basic course in ethics,compassion and fairness.

I guess it’s the quest I am on to find out after 63 years young what IT IS that makes me tick like the energized bunny…I just keep going and going.

You will probably have to make some major changes—like letting one relationship die so that you can have room in your life for a new better one~or you may have to tell your friend that what she/he did was unconscionable and that you’ve had enough.

This was in sync with my recent post “Letting Go”

The Scorpio woman will be faithful and devote all her life to her man, and her partner will be a happy man. If he would undermine her trust with lies or cheating – then she will erase him from the face of the earth, and will do this just as passionately as she loved him.

Finally, the day will come when you have learned from the experience, when you no longer blame yourself or feel stupid, when you do not feel compelled to fix the other person or make him see that what he or she did was wrong, when you accept that that person is who that person is—then you are in the last stage of healing: forgiveness and letting go.

My North Node is Taurus in the 3 rd House

South Node in Scorpio

You are intense. Everything is a big deal, life or-death. You struggle with life, trying to get your needs met. Primary among those is your need for connection, for intimacy. You feel comfortable and secure when you have somebody. You want to share everything, holding nothing back. You expect, you need the same in return. You get uncomfortable when someone doesn’t need you as much as you need them.

Your greatest fear is losing what you have; your obsession is getting what you lack.

North Node in Taurus

You are learning to relax. You are discovering that this is truly an abundant Universe. As long as you have yourself, you’re alright, you’ll be alright. And that’s the key – learning to trust yourself, depend on yourself, BE yourself. From your old sharing perspective, you may seem a little selfish – so focused on what you want. However, because you’re no longer so fearful of going without, you find yourself becoming much more generous. You are stabilizing, solidifying, shifting from emotional turmoil to sensory enjoyment.

With North Node in Taurus, our South Node is in Scorpio.

With North Node in the third house, our South Node is in the eighth house

A tendency to define our own worth and values in terms of our significant others, to be wrapped up in the needs of others at the expense of our own needs, and to attract confusing and intense life situations at the expense of comfort and peace are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to discover our own values, to depend on ourselves and to establish our self-worth through our own efforts, and to enjoy life’s more serene moments without the unconscious need to create crises. We may invest too much time and energy into supporting others at the expense of our own comfort and needs.

We cannot develop our self-worth through others alone—it needs to come from within. Learning to define our goals based on our own values, and then to work toward achieving them in a patient manner, will help us achieve more happiness and inner balance.

Excerpts from:

Taurus North Node

Relax. Take a big deep breath. Exhale. Smell the grass. Soak in the evening sun. Relax. Take another full breath. Relax. Watch the sun slowly set. Get ready for a fine dinner. Relax. Breathe in and out.

Guilt Free Zoneing ~ Nowism.

No other human is more capable of living in the moment than the NN Taurus. She has no desire to leave the reality she’s in. It’s exactly right. It contains everything she wants. Even if the imagination wanders off to foreign dimensions, her body is content to be where it is, and awaits her mind’s return with eagerness. Dinner is ahead, perhaps a hot bath, a slick shiny magazine, some jazzy love songs, or some delicious conversation on the Internet. So many possibilities, so much to do.

She is entirely self supporting and has the leisure time to do what she wants at her own pace. She can contemplate the world immediately around her trusting in its generosity and relaxing in its safety.

She is on rock solid ground entirely at home. Comfortable, satisfied, complete.

Associated with sexual energy, Scorpio loves to get Involved, going down deeper, coming up dirtier, and laying bare anything that lies hidden there.

“North Node Astrology”
by Elizabeth Spring

“The North Node is the single most important point in the chart…it describes what your Soul wants to learn and experience in this life. It is a Soul Messenger.”

Scorpio South Node

Down South
Down South

With your North Node in Taurus, your Soul craves peace and serenity in this life–as well as good music, a loyal lover, and picnics on the beach with good food and wine! Doesn’t everybody? Yes, but not like you—you need these things to remind your Soul that life can be good and safe and beautiful.

Having suffered too much drama and trauma either earlier in this life, or in a previous one, you’re suffering now from a slight despair of spirit—one could even say that this Nodal combination has a “forgotten emotional memory” of life at its most tragic. The cure for this soul sickness is to nurture your self with the things that make life worth living. Cultivating loyal friends, enjoying nature and the physical world, and creating a beautiful home that feels like a safe harbor are all good things for you to do.

By choosing to find the “sacred in the commonplace” you re-awaken your Soul to the Divine in all things.

You’re not being a materialist when you truly enjoy the beauty of a hand-made wooden spoon or pottery bowl, or take time away from your work and ambitions to watch the sun set with an old friend. By seeing into the true nature of things, you get a sense of what many of the mystics have seen~that powers that be are here and now, and found in the ordinary/extraordinary things of this life.

What do you truly value? What do you stand for in life? Something in you needs to know yourself deeper and to prove yourself worthy. The old path or habits that need to be left behind involve too much immersion in other people’s dramas…a helping hand is fine, but don’t get embroiled in dramas that aren’t yours.

Power and control issues as well as your ability to manipulate situations need to be let go of. You’ve done too much of that in the past. The focus now needs to be on you, and finding what you value and what nurtures you.This life is about finding that mystical sense of belonging to a Universe that is benevolent. No easy task! It’s a profound spiritual calling to find spirit in matter, and to find yourself in “right relationship” with others.

On the Taurus-Scorpio path it’s important to ground yourself with a workable level of financial and emotional stability. If you can do that you’re ready to retrieve the gold in the shadow–your Scorpio South Node.

Away with the drama and trauma and melodrama! No more tragic love stories, no more battles for power, struggles for revenge, hidden agendas and all the stuff of great novels. Just peace. Serenity. That’s the movement away from the South Node in the 8th house to the North Node in the 3 rd house. Your Soul needs a rest…

The 8th house South Node, ruled by Pluto, has struggled to transform and be re-born like the phoenix, and somewhere in all that struggling has come an exhaustion and weariness of the spirit. This life is now one where you are being called to rethink your values, your priorities, and put the Venus ruled 2nd house of Taurus back in its position of prominence. This is not the Venus of the struggle, but of gentle inquiry—the one that has the savvy to pick her own battles and chooses the “mutual fund” that agrees with her political and ecological consciousness. This is the Venus that soothes us, and reminds us of our roots in this good earth. She’d rather write a poem than put on the dress that makes her into the femme fatale. She finds the sacred in the commonplace, and makes it extraordinary.

The South Node here has great gold in its shadowy inheritance—it has a hard won wisdom and occult knowledge that can serve us well when used right. Certainly astrologers and those interested in astrology, have resources here in the 8th house. But as always with the South Node there is the defeat and despair of what we didn’t get right earlier in this life or in a former life. We paid too much attention to other people’s business rather than our own. We were the power behind the throne, or the one who “borrowed” another’s values, glory, money or husband. Our own yearning for these things seemed to make it acceptable, but we missed the basic course in ethics and compassion and fairness.


There’s hidden wisdom and power there, for in your Scorpio past you deeply understood other people and had a keen intuitive-psychic nature. You might have been the detective, the shaman, the priest, or the power behind the throne~the one who could hone in on the emotional bottom line. Now if you can bring your new level of security and grounded faith in the goodness of life into your relationships with others and into your work, you can nourish others with your profound wisdom.

Soul Purpose: serenity and stability, regaining a sense of the sacred in the ordinary, a sense of having earned and gained by one’s own efforts, honoring good traditions and preserving what is valuable for future generations.

Looking to another for definition, self-confidence, or too much support. Taking things that aren’t yours. Collapsing into a felt sense of emotional pain from previous lives, and adapting an overly serious, gloomy attitude. Going to quickly into studying the occult and transpersonal realities, and thereby taking a spiritual bypass on your emotional life.