May Day~Baby Boomers-Memories

The Maypole was a tree stripped of its branches or wooden pole decorated with ribbon, streamers, flowers, fruit and/or wreaths. Folks would gather around the pole, which symbolized the end of winter, strength and/or prosperity, and weave the ribbons around the pole as they sang and danced.

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May Day was yesterday and I am thinking about the big May celebration I used to go too as a child of Elementary school age. All the schools from near and far gathered at Baker Park. Buses lined the street all numbered so children would be accounted for.We wore our school and name badges proudly.

We danced merrily around the May Pole.It was so big and decorated with beautiful flowers.It was great fun. It reminded me of the swing amusement ride at the County Fair.

I always wore my white daddy shirt. My mama would have it washed,and ironed, she even starched the collar; and it did look just like my daddy’s~ only in petite form. My skirt bellowed out from my Crinoline and had two tiny cluster red cherries dangling here and there as a decoration. I liked how they clicked together when I danced.

Oh My ! This is bringing too many memories. I also had a skirt with poodles on it. The famous poodle skirt. I could hula hoop forever in that skirt.

I won $25.00 and a fake gold hula hoop once. It was second prize.

Spoolies Curlers and Dr. Ben Casey Shirts, Saddle shoes,AMBUSH cologne, what were those monkey-like things that everybody wore around their arms???  Oh and empire dresses, I loved those, made my boobs look larger.

Penny loafers came along with the saddle shoes, had too have a choice 🙂 My dad put a dime in my coin slot. I had too be different.

Everyone wore madris.When it was washed the colors would “bleed” and change the tones of the plaid. Fish net stockings, and those with diamond and other intricate designs. MOHAIR SWEATER!  I had only one, it was a light baby pink and looked great with my gray skirt. I wore it a lot.

“Taps” on heels, the teachers hated them. My saddle shoes always had metal taps. They annoyed everyone it seemed.


The “Junior flip” I never had to do anything special too get the style, my hair naturally flipped on the ends; lucky me.

I was around 14-15 here @ Cynthia Martz
I was around 14-15 here @ Cynthia Martz

Oh and the comfort of Spoolies after wearing those horrid bristly rollers to bed. OUCH! The price we pay to be beautiful 🙂

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