Nutz for Coconut Juice

It is great for smoothies in place of 2 % milk and really good for you.

On day I was sitting at my favorite local friendly swimming pool and bar.I was into a letter I was writing.The towering palms swayed above my lounger.
Clunk , a coconut found it’s way to the top of my head.

It dazed me.I remember sitting my letter to the side and ordering a drink.I missed my work shift that day as I fell to sleep and woke after dark.

When I first moved to Key West in 1992…I would walk to the pier.It was just a stone’s throw from the little RV I was renting on Simonton Street.I had my first taste of the sweet juice from a man called “Coconut Man”.He would with machete amazing speed open the coconut and fill it with the rum of your choice.This was also when I acquired a taste for Malibu Rum.

I couldn’t locate anything on Coconut Man Manny in action and my Coconut Man Rigo has moved on…so here is a Key West lady that can handle a NUT 🙂

Over the years and many incidents involving too many over indulged Rum filled daze and nights;I have more or less given up the Rum and settled on the straight coconut juice.

They make great seed dishes for the birds.I also use the shells of the coconut in craft projects.

Coconut Facts


BBC Nature – Echo the african bush elephant

I just finished watching this.I also recorded it to have in my library.

BBC Nature – Echo the african bush elephant.

Click vid for Full Screen viewing

Power Animals

On this day of 2012,I searched for my Power Animal

I found my White Horse

You are most fortunate to have the horse spirit within you, for she has many things to teach you and many blessings to share.

The horse will show you how to balance your caring nature and deep love for others with your equally deep need for freedom and independence.

There will be days when she shows you how to relax fully, first rubbing against your loved ones, then just standing in the shade of the tree and munching the apples as they fall. Abundance will be yours, as she teaches you that a peaceful and centered life provides what is needed, like apples falling from a tree on a perfect summer’s day.

And when you ask, she will take you for a ride, as you run like the wind, faster and faster, until finally, like Pegasus, she sprouts wings, soars into the air and allows your soul to fly free. She will lift you to the heavens and reveal to you there your own highest self.

And through it all, she will show you how to stay deeply centered in the moment. She will teach you to live without worry or regret, your heart free of blame. Breathe in her spirit and she will bring you fully into this moment and all that it contains, where you can balance beauty and duty, freedom and togetherness, all in perfect joy and harmony.


Rainy Day

Rain is falling
The palms are swaying
occasionally the thunder claps in applause

The cats lay sprawled on my bed
ears peaking up with the sounds
All is well in their world

It is steady now,falling lightly upon the land
raindrops gently tap at the window panes

I love rain,so pure

It’s a full moon and it’s hiding

It will be gone with the morning light

Time to pause

The storm is over

The Sun will rise

Rain puddles will evaporate
No more tears
No more applause

A New Day
Presented with The Gifts of Life

Dusk is my favorite time of day
The light shows barely enough to light the pastels of the sky

Be Well and Wise
Be thankful for the Moments

by © Cynthia Martz 2011