One Thing Leads to Another

Negative Emotions~Yin-Yang~

yin yang
yin yang

Here’s How To Take Your Power Back From Negative Emotions!.

“This emotional arc that we pass through, some people call it “The Dark Night of The Soul”, others call it just plain crazy. But what if, on the other side of feeling your feelings, what if you just felt them instead of ate them, drink them or spent them away? We would step into a broader world where so much more was possible.”

Lately certain persons have brought out the negative in me from their negativity.
I have always been a fairly positive and optimistic person.

Must be URANUS and Jupiter running the bases 🙂

“It seems that Uranus is showing the way some are coping (or not coping) with things at the moment.”


“This has been a particularly Uranian time that we’ve been experiencing for some months. The energy has been electric, confused, pushy and yet slow, somehow organised and then somehow deranged, and, generally, all over the shop (especially so with Mars retrograde in Virgo since January 25)

Uranus has a way of stirring things up, freaking us out, breaking down barriers, and, sometimes, causing barriers through selfish, ill-considered or reactionary behavior.”

from Lynda Hill (one of the world’s top ranking astrologers).

I am acquainted with this wonderful person from Australia;she writes wonderful articles on Sabian symbolism.
I connected with her through association of one of my younger sister’s Down Under friends.

I have been researching Karma

The Karmic Number can explain why sometimes you feel like you are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” and why sometimes you may have strange dreams or feel compelled by strange or irrational urges that even to yourself seem “out of character.”

My number is 6
Karma of Six – The number Six represents the qualities of love, balance, humanity and tolerance. If you lack this influence, you have not developed the balanced expression of these qualities and may not have developed an appreciation of family and love relationships. You may not have not learned to give freely without expecting a return. Your lessons will be based on learning the importance of family, of love, and how to give and take in a balanced emotional relationship. You will encounter individuals who are judgemental and express a conditional form of love and you will encounter individuals who are able to show you how truly valuable a healthy relationship can be.

I Dreamed I was in my computer, and I could escape and delete people. It was cool. Someone drank all my wine, they were in small bottles. I couldn’t get the door open and I knew someone was inside.

It is evading me like an Elusive Butterfly

All of my energy is in the dark, damp cellar.

Am I being disassembled or put back together ?


How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans

Solar flares can cause us to be,
have short term memory problems and heart palpitations
feel nauseous
have prolonged head pressure and headaches

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans.