Weather and Not

Very windy evening, love the sounds through the trees.


For dinner, chicken wing oven fry. That means you put frozen chicken wings in the roaster, water and seasoning. Cover and Cook for one hour.

Take the lid off and oven brown it. I made green beans fresh frozen in a steamed atmosphere. Then I thought instead of potatoes I would make use of the left over rice from a few nights ago. I put it in the iron skillet and warmed it. Then added a can of crème’ of chicken soup. New recipe was formed. It tastes like cous cous sticky. The texture was the same,just right to make bite size balls to pop in your mouth. It was good.

I received this after I inquired about “B” Day.

Any way, I saw grandma and pap the other evening and asked about the butchering. your memory is absolutely correct.

He said they always had 4 to 6 hogs and they did butcher. they would build a fire in the smokehouse next to the back porch. he said they could ‘smother’ the fire and close the smokehouse up real tight, but the thick smoke would roll out of any cracks it could and the smoke would roll out under the roof so it looked like it was on fire!

He said the original smoke house was up on the hill but had caved in a long time ago, leaving an indent. (I remember that) they told me that they buried a horse in there at one time. Then they used it for trash. (burned it I guess…)

pap remembered the well and the footbridge too.

I have good news.

Gilbert finally was able too call us and said he is back at the work center and back too work. What a relief that was allowed once they charged the REAL culprit in the roof falling in scenario.

Things are clearer now about Sandra.

She was given the 10 months by Federal Judge Martinez with a report date of 2/14/13. She walked out of Federal court and was taken into custody on a violation of her probation by getting arrested in the Iron Works Scam and failing to pay restitution to the IRS.So she does her Federal Time, gives birth in prison.Then she has the recent Felonies to contend with. It looked like new charges but in actuality it was the Iron Works Scam Felonies.

They posted my comment in the Key West Citizen. Guess they liked the Kudos.

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Submitted on Thu, 01/17/2013 – 12:03am by Catt 

This was a factual article and kudos too alinhardt for the write up. After she does her time in the Federal system she still has Florida to deal with. No more House Arrest for her. I have one correction. Mr.Suarez, the former superintendent of Key West who ALLEGEDLY was charged with stealing quarters from the parking meters. This term is used in the media to avoid litigation when the facts are not 100% certain, or when referring to evidence in an ongoing trial. It was not proven that he did so. There was NO Monies missing from the coffers. On Point to Point the city manager said “A through investigation has been completed and no meter funds are unaccounted for.

The other comments are vindictive towards the entire family.

Submitted on Wed, 01/16/2013 – 9:21am by BenAnders

She was supposed to be paying back $33,010 in restitution at the rate of $25 a month? Let’s see: That works out to a total of 1,320 months or 110 years.

Sandra has more charges. Another $10,000 bond so it’s up to $90,000

Tax-fraud convict Hit With New Charges While Incarcerated.


Posted – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:54 AM EST

Sandra Perez previously pleaded guilty to tax fraud.

Sandra Perez, a Stock Island woman on federally supervised release from jail, was jailed Monday on felony charges of stealing from her employer for the second time.

She was last arrested in October after Steve Henson, owner of Key Iron Works, where Perez worked as a bookkeeper, discovered seven forged checks and fraudulent credit card charges on his bank statements.

In the latest round, Perez is charged with 13 felonies, including grand theft and using another person’s credit card. She remained in the Monroe County Detention Center on Tuesday in lieu of $80,000 bond.

The theft totals around $300 “to purchase fuel and groceries for her family,” according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Chavka.

Assistant Monroe County State Attorney Mark Wilson said Perez, 29, is essentially being charged with more counts because Henson had further reviewed his financial records and uncovered more transactions he didn’t authorize.

“It’s more of the same,” Wilson said “She didn’t tell us about everything” when she was being investigated prior to her first arrest.

In 2010, Perez pleaded guilty to a federal tax-fraud charge and was sentenced to six months in jail followed by three years of supervised release, the terms of which would be violated by her latest arrests.

The tax charge stemmed from a scam run out of the Monroe County Detention Center masterminded by Perez’s father, Danilo Suarez.

In it, jail inmates and their relatives filed with the Internal Revenue Service 1040 EZ forms along with a one-page 4852 form, which is a substitute for a W-2 when an employer doesn’t provide one, on behalf of themselves.

They would then cash the refund checks. Danilo Suarez got five years in prison.


I am having a big bowl of raspberry sherbet. I am still at 200 weight.

I like the pineapple coconut better 

There’s a new show on Discovery called “Shipwreck Men”

Filmed in Key West, with the people who own Arnold’s Towing. It’s exciting.

We be pirates 

Another Day in Paradise

I walk over and ask for the manager. I explain the situation, telling her I have no means to retrieve the car until the first of the week when my mate comes in from fishing. She is so nice and lets me use her cell phone. I call Rhea. She comes very quickly and says cheer up Mom, Gilbert has a whole box of Krispy Kremes just for you.

Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz
Copyright ©2012~ Cynthia Martz

What a DAY!

For starters, traffic downtown was near impossible to maneuver. Very large trucks that had no business being down there were blocking the already narrow streets. Thank goodness the AC in the car was working.

I went to pull into the Social Security parking lot. I was stopped by a big burly looking guy and said there is NO parking here allowed. Bewildered, I went on again to find some where to park. I did not want to pay any of the parking spots and so I finally found a place around a block and half away, locked the car. When I went to put money in the meter, the meter was broke.


I started walking, and tripped on the sidewalk where the sidewalk was missing a bit too much of it.My left foot is now sprained again:(

Then,I place my “BOOK” of pain and other needed documents that I have acquired since my last visit~on the thingy that inspects it and shoots it back out attcha. Lo, and behold, I forgot that I had Dad’s little utility knife in my little old purse.
Well, that was no biggie really, they just said we will keep this and you can obtain it back when you leave.
I go into the office. They immediately take me back in a room. I start crying. My foot hurts, I am hot and sweaty from walking. One good thing, someone from SSI is going to call me from Tallahassee at 1:30 on the 7th of February. I told them how much turmoil I endure coming there in person, and now there is not even any convenient parking.
I obtain Dad’s little knife back and start my walk to the car. I kept saying “Please don’t let there
be a ticket on the car.” There was no ticket, but a officer was there getting ready to write one.

She said this is a 30 minute meter. I said well whatever kind of meter it is~ it’s broken and I got into the car and said adios.
On the way home, I decide to stop at the $ store and get some little frames for the pictures I made. I found some real nice ones. Getting back in the car, I realise they are a tad too large for the frame and I don’t have my scissors handy. Then I remember my friend at the mail room, I call him “GUY”. I can take care of the trimming of the pictures there. I can still get them sent out today.
The car will not start.
I get out, lift the hood and look like I have a clue as to why a car that just ran beautifully in all
that horrendous traffic would have a problem.
All, the while calling it every name I can think to call an old car that has let me down once again.
I get back in the car. I have to let the door ajar because the windows don’t go down. A nice lady offers me her cell phone which I had to smile about as I had left mine on top of the fridge at home.
Anyways, Rhea’s line is busy. I decide to sit and wait a bit.
I try to start the car and BOOM there it goes like nothing was wrong to start with. Fooled again…I get out into the mid day traffic on the ONLY feasible road home. If I had taken a right I could have tried on the second feasible road.
As it was it didn’t matter what road. The car died right in the middle of everything.

I managed to get it started enough times to drag myself and the car over to shoulder of the road , out-of-the-way of the onslaught of blaring horns. Now, I am sitting in the car watching all the speeding traffic driving by dangerously close to me. That was close…as the big old Key West tour bus flies on past.
There I sit.  Contemplating my next move.

I decide to try to get the car up just a bit more to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
At least I can get a glass of cool water. It starts, it goes a foot, it stops and starts and stops and starts and finally I am there. I pull in, it stops.

A lady is behind me, blowing her horn like a mad woman. I get out of the car. I realise her car’s ass end is in the traffic…but my car says no I won’t move. I say a few choice words to her and she gives me the bird.
I then put the car in neutral and pushed it to its little spot in the shade. I go in the KFC.
Water, ahhhh as it goes down.

I walk over and ask for the manager. I explain the situation, telling her I have no means to retrieve the car until the first of the week when my mate comes in from fishing. She is so nice and lets me use her cell phone. I call Rhea. She comes very quickly and says cheer up Mom, Gilbert has a whole box of Krispy Kremes just for you.
We pick up Arissa at school and continue to her house to pick up the Kremes.
I think I got home around 2 or so this afternoon.

I remember eating a ham sandwich and then that’s it.
My soaps didn’t record.
I never made it to the mail room to mail the things

I have no wheels to get there.
“That’s the way LIFE is”