2012 Presidential Candidates on Marijuana

2012 Presidential Candidates on Marijuana.

I am pretty much a stoner.If not stoned I am just laid back anyways.Getting a buzz on is not even a monthly thing with me.Sometimes more;some times less.

During this time period I still manage to write something,clean something,feed something,wash something,pick up something.Perhaps it is the same for everyone…does everyone have that many arms,hands,minds?

I think faster when I am stoned,even type faster even with two hands but I still look at the keys.As my fingers write with the stroke of a key.Don’t you hate it when you’re not looking at the screen…maybe it has disappeared and here I am still pecking away.Then again;usually I glance up on occasion and try too remember to C & P or at least save draft.

I am posting this NOTE publicly…because I have a mask that I wear sometimes when it isn’t Halloween 🙂

Never know which one you might get.