Band-Aids and Rubber Bands


The Band-Aid, It doesn’t really fix anything; it just covers things up.

I am tired of Band-Aids other than for a sore cuticle or a small wound that needs coverage. Otherwise the real problem is never solved. The Band-Aid that is prescribed usually causes another symptom that requires yet another.

Excuses remind me of Band-Aids too.


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Not one for excuses either. If you make plans and can’t make it, at least let me know. Nothing like feeling out on the proverbial limb so too speak.

Wait for no one. Give or take a half hour or so Smile



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They can only stretch so far. No one knows for certain how far you or someone else can safely stretch it  before it snaps.

I found this great write-up on the web also.

Rubber Band Man (Copyright 2003 Ron McCray)

“Consider the rubber band. It is a continuous loop of flexible material that in its natural state is relaxed and adapts to where it happens to be placed in the moment. It can be stretched to be larger than it seems. This can only happen through force, by being stretched beyond its natural circumference. When the force is released, the rubber band “snaps” back into its original state. Sometimes a rubber band is stretched too far or too and breaks losing the completeness of its original configuration, and in effect, becoming useless. Although this fate is not visited on all rubber bands, the potential is always their for all of them.

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More from  Ron McCray on another blog post I did.

How Is Your Rubberband Today?


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I love that quote above. We have all been in that spot of avoidance at some time in our lives. Being avoided and yes avoiding others.

Seriously it has taken me awhile, but when I say I am going to do something I do it.

Procrastination is wasted time. It is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

Shadows dancing in the sunlit prisms
Palm fronds swaying in a summer breeze
Investigating the maze of paths
Contemplating a dream of epic proportions

Everything is peaceful and content

Spiders weaving there webs
Undisturbed, not perturbed
waiting on the morning dew

“When Karma Knocks I want to be able to face off with it”

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