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Excerpt from this week’s Key West Blue Paper .They will not let this be. They said he got off with a probationary status.
They could never prove he stole the quarters or an amount for that matter. All hearsay and conjecture.He has a year to go. His sentence was 42 months after he was found guilty of violating his probation from said charges concerning the quarters drama.
The Federal Court in Miami found him not guilty on all four supposed charges. These charges involved the IRS Tax scam fraud charges originating at the Monroe County Jail. His brother (the ringleader) masterminded while he was incarcerated. He now is in an North Carolina prison somewhere, he was given another 5 years for his role in the scam.So, he was violated on four charges that he was found Not Guilty of.
Bias and corruption are alive and well in Key West.
From the Blue Paper: Of course, any Hall of Fame for employees who have stolen money from the government would have to include the person, who was supervisor of parking meter collection in Key West back in 2005.
One of his employees ratted on him— alleging that the supervisor was going around the city in the pre-dawn hours, making his own collections.In fact, he allegedly was stealing so many quarters that his wife and mother had to use a cart to haul the coins to the bank.He was arrested and put on trial— city officials could not determine how many quarters he had stolen. They said none were missing from the coffers.



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