Silhouettes as Decor – Silhouette Art – Country Living

A Great Aunt of mine used to do this.My oldest sister still has the one of her that Great Aunty made when my sister was 4-5 years of age.

Scherenschnitte, the ancient art of papercutting, is German for ‘scissors snips.My ancestry is part German :)They used to be called “shades,” and sometimes “profiles,” “likenesses,” or “shadow pictures.” But the familiar black-and-white images we know as silhouettes would, by any name, be just as compelling.

So,there you go.

I lost mine along the highway of life,the Gypsy in me I suppose.

I have put a instruction book in my wish list on Amazon.It is called “Silhouettes, How to Cut for Fun and Money”

Silhouettes as Decor – Silhouette Art – Country Living.