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I am making healthy smoothie drinks and using different recipes.

Cactus, it is hard to find or outrageously expensive so I use aloe vera juice.

Luckily here in Key West Aloe grows all over the island.

I decided to do my own investigating into the various cactus drinks where the juice can be a main ingredient of smoothies.

I found this great article.

“The primary active ingredient in Nopalea is the juice derived from the fruit of the Nopalea cactus. Juice from the fruits of the Nopal cactus contains high levels of  Beletains, or plant pigments that are known to be excellent antioxidants. This juice also contains high levels of essential amino acids, B vitamins and bioactive phytonutrients. Nopalea juice is also sweetened with agave nectar and other natural supplements.”

It is grown in the mountainous regions of Mexico.

Key West is known for it also.

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The recipe:

Aloe Vera juice

Fresh Grated Ginger

Fresh Cinnamon

Fresh Spinach leaves

Fresh fruit (banana, the darker the better, strawberries, fresh pineapple, blueberries)

Sounds so good.

More information on the benefits of Nopalea

In a smoothie. Add some bananas, some ice and blend for a cool, refreshing, healthy shake. You can also mix up with some other fresh, seasonal fruit, such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or even peaches. Whatever flavors you like will only add to the delicious mix of flavors.

As with anything  that is good for you it doesn’t come cheap.

I did find the capsules which can be used also.


Nutz for Coconut Juice

It is great for smoothies in place of 2 % milk and really good for you.

On day I was sitting at my favorite local friendly swimming pool and bar.I was into a letter I was writing.The towering palms swayed above my lounger.
Clunk , a coconut found it’s way to the top of my head.

It dazed me.I remember sitting my letter to the side and ordering a drink.I missed my work shift that day as I fell to sleep and woke after dark.

When I first moved to Key West in 1992…I would walk to the pier.It was just a stone’s throw from the little RV I was renting on Simonton Street.I had my first taste of the sweet juice from a man called “Coconut Man”.He would with machete amazing speed open the coconut and fill it with the rum of your choice.This was also when I acquired a taste for Malibu Rum.

I couldn’t locate anything on Coconut Man Manny in action and my Coconut Man Rigo has moved on…so here is a Key West lady that can handle a NUT 🙂

Over the years and many incidents involving too many over indulged Rum filled daze and nights;I have more or less given up the Rum and settled on the straight coconut juice.

They make great seed dishes for the birds.I also use the shells of the coconut in craft projects.

Coconut Facts