Irma~Gone With the Wind

The Featured Image has changed a bit. After IRMA I have just one beautiful Palm to appreciate from my kitchen window.

Today marks an entire month since Irma hit us as a Category 4 Storm. She didn’t just smack, she destroyed.
The Grotto of Saint Mary’s in Key West,Florida is said to protect us.

I now am a firm believer of this.


Photo by Cynthia Martz


Court House Photo Credit ~ Shaun Wilson

The Linesman from many States including Colorado, Michigan were Here and got us up and running within 8-10 days. Very thankful for all their hard work and dedication.

On the Blvd (North Roosevelt)


Those from MM 10 and straight through the rest of the Keys Island Chain on into Georgia did not take IRMA as easily as we did.

Houses were completely blown off their concrete bases, cars floated upside down in the storm surge. Trees totally uprooted, debris scattered hither and yond.

The State Parks especially Bahia Honda took major devastation. It is a void wasteland with huge boulders hindering the roads to see the damage it done.
Such a beautiful park that I have spent many Sunday’s at over the years with my daughter and grandkids. Extended family and friends.





It will take some time to repair this beautiful sanctuary.

Photos from Key West.


Little Dove Photo by Cynthia Martz


Iguana Trees


The recently renovated Dion’s on the Blvd.

Two tornado’s made a path down North Roosevelt.

True, we were spared much devastation but it did in deed put a dent in the Ole Conch Shell. We lost some of our oldest Banyan and Gumbo Limbo Trees.


Photo Credit by Captain Tony’s daughter

“The Giving Tree”   is one of Silverstein’s best-known children’s books became a “Taking Tree,” destroying one of Key West’s literary landmarks.


Martello Towers on the BLVD left a shambles.

The Bat Tower, gone.
The spirit of the locals (Key West) and the ones that evacuated and came back are persons that truly care about their little piece of paradise.

One day at a time.

After the four Storms that came back to Back in 2005 we have been spared.

Our Lush foliage and green trees were just coming back. Twelve years later we begin a new.

Others lost their entire homes, possessions and years of struggling. Gone with the Wind. Their homes were not so fortunate.


Big Pine Key MM 30-32


Trailer in Big Coppitt Key MM 10

So many effected by earthquakes in Mexico, savage storms in Puerto Rico and neighboring Islands.

Thankful for all the lives spared.

Blessings to all of those who lost a loved one.

Mother Nature.

No matter where you live, there is always something that concerns us weather wise.


It is cycles the Earth passes through, a cleansing of sorts.

Doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the aftermath of such onslaughts.

Source of quote

“Is global warming a natural cycle? Or is global warming affected by human influence? What does the science say? Both are true. In the natural cycle, the world can warm, and cool, without any human interference. For the past million years this has occurred over and over at approximately 100,000 year intervals. About 80-90,000 years of ice age with about 10-20,000 years of warm period, give or take some thousands of years.”

The Green Man

A package from a friend came in the mail yesterday. In it were beautiful handmade items and a very RARE Tarot set called “The Green Man Tree Oracle” I was not familiar with it, so I decided to sit back, do some research and read the book before “Hugging The Trees”so to speak with a card reading.

The Green Man challenges us to respect this planet and all its creatures and plants.  He is happy to work with us, but equally will attack us if we do not heed his blazing stare

Later in the evening I decided to watch several TV shows I needed to catch up on and one of them was “Alice In Wonderland (Once Upon A Time)

Who’s Alice?  There in the forest where Alice found her self spell-bound and mesmerized off sparkly HAPPY dust were lots of “Green Men

The trees seemed alive, they talked and moved.

Green_Tree_Man Green_Tree_Man2


Birch                                 Scot’s Pine                                 Oak

(Click to Enlarge) Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Martz

Birch ~ The death or end of something

Scot’s Pine ~ The higher you climb the clearer you see

It never sheds it’s leaves, it is forever Green

Oak ~ No one knows their fate

More information on “The Green Man

The Enigma of Green Man

Save Our Australian Pines &Fort Zachary Taylor Key West

Save Our Pines in Key West, Florida

These pines have weathered more hurricanes than I or a lot of persons can count. Now because of BUSH and his declaration on parks and recreational facilities they are slowly but surely disappearing.

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz
Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz