Scorpio 2013

Year of the Water Snake




It’s a progressive year for you, Scorpio. 2013 is bright with intrigue, knowledge, growth and transformation. Past work or projects can be fruitful this year. Imagination flows, ideas are creative and life is bright with potential. Trends turn to elegance, culture, travel and sensuality. It’s a renaissance year, and you’re in your element.

In the Year of the Water Snake, you’re a smooth operator. Your passionate nature finds expression, and your Water element flows in harmony with that of the graceful Snake year. The Snake’s fixed element, Fire, stirs ambition and motivation, balanced by reason and cool rationale. You make swift and steady progress this year.

You’re tenacious, hard-working and independent. Your survival skills are keen. You can move the earth to get what you want, but it’s usually not necessary. Your charismatic charm can melt even the coldest heart. Your capacity for self-expression is enormous. You love deeply and passionately. You have an offbeat and sometimes cynical sense of humor, a vigorous sex drive and remarkable eyes.

Your intuition is usually accurate. You have colorful dreams and a rich imagination. The past is important to you. Your powers of healing and recuperation are good. You have a unique and multi-faceted life philosophy. You’re a complex thinker, but can be prone to worry, obsession or anxiety. You may have a fiery temper. You can be overly suspicious, and sometimes just plain paranoid. You have an infuriating stubborn streak.

Your desire for knowledge is unquenchable. You value honesty.

Whatever you do, you do with all your heart.

In the Year of the Snake, still waters run deep. Take nothing for granted. Avoid acts of impulse or vengeful thinking. Choose compassion over aggression. 2013 is not a good year for gambling, speculation or blind leaps of faith. Poor communication and breaches of trust can have severe repercussions. You’re wise not to worry about problems, as obsession and anxiety can make you sick. Instead, focus on solutions. Do not dwell in the past.


Spirit of Cat


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The Spirit of Cat brings sensual indulgence, patience and playfulness into your life. Cat energy heightens the physical senses, and enhances magical energies and psychic awareness.

A natural hedonist, Cat loves luxury and can sleep all day, but pounces with deadly precision when the moment is right. When attuned to mystical Cat energy, you will know exactly when to act, and when to bide your time.

The Spirit of Cat also invites you to free your “inner kitten” and play. Just as kittens learn life skills while playing, you can use playtime to learn something new.

Too much Cat energy can have negative consequences, such as procrastination and lethargy.

The pursuit of pleasure can interfere with other issues in life. Enjoy Cat energy and indulge your desires, but maintain a healthy balance.


Year of the Snake

Quote of the Day

Happy Thanksgiving Blessings


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Today if we are so blessed we sit down to a feast.

A bounty of food and companionship with our loved ones.

Last year I lit candles around a special plate. In Four tiny containers I placed Water, with a beautiful flower,  individual candles for Fire , a feather in the Air  signifying the four winds and a touch of soil from the  Earth.

The Four Elements that sustain us.

Fire represents creative energy, inspiration, strong will and sexuality. It is traditionally associated with Yang energy.

Water signifies emotions, intuition, healing and reflecting, and it is associated with Yin energy.

Air represents knowledge and powers of the mind. It is also a symbol of courage and is related to masculine energy.

Earth is associated with nature, feeling ‘grounded’, security and material well-being and carries feminine energy.

All ready for the Day


Create your environment with a sense of sacred space. Put candles and small crystals everywhere, even if it is the daytime. Right by the candles float little tiny flowers from the yard on bowls of water or in little vases. Then put a feather, or something representing air if you want to. Then you have all the elements.

No one else needs to know what this is – but they will see it and it will bless them.

Happy Thanksgiving One and All…

I am thankful that all my siblings are still walking there paths here on Terra Firma

In form, on solid and dry ground

I am thankful for a lovely and caring daughter and two wonderful grandchildren

I am thankful for me and the fact that I have survived as only warriors do

That I have two feet

Two hands and arms to give and receive a hug

I am thankful for my beloved Minnie, China and my birdies who make me smile everyday Smile

True friends who have my back

I am thankful to my Mother for carrying me gently under her caring heart

I am thankful to my Father for all the life experiences he taught and showed me

I am thankful for all my ancestors and the Wisdom they passed down through the generations.

And most of all I am thankful that I have enough

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Martz


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Someone Else This Day


I drink so much iced tea and eat so much ice cream, what is wrong with me ?

A few glasses of wine. The kitchen is a mess, the floors are dirty. Someone drives me cross-eyed.

I thought I saved a neat Irish song for my creations and realize I dreamed it.

This is what came from my dream…I was in a boat , the smaller attached dingy capsized and many mementos were lost. A small shark was on the bottom in the sand once we made it to shore. It was a large boat, many were on it.

“Do not linger on what you have lost in the deluge, but with delicate balance ride the oncoming waves of change with optimism.”

Flow of Tao

I was just reading some of my favorite blogs. I came across this “wu wei” again. The art of wu wei, by doing nothing all will be done. Kudos to summersaid.

Excerpt from Go With The Flow

If person canoeing upon a river is paddling against, or across the current, he must exert a lot of energy. If the person turns his boat and point to move with the river’s current, he may need no action. He moves along effortlessly with the current., as the river “happens”.
Think  of the river current as a metaphor of how nature changes or flows. In Practicing Wu Wei one uses his experiential refined ability to recognize the way nature flows, and moves with it
Go with the Flow. Action in Harmony with the Tao and no action beyond that.
This is Wu Wei

Reminded me of this dream I had a while ago.

I can’t sleep. I believe my messengers visited me.
Some person’s and Rhea (she was a baby) went to this huge beautiful lake. It was calm and serene. We launched our wooden rafts and began our journey.
I was speaking to some of the other rafters and Rhea fell off the raft. I reached down into the water and grabbed her shoulder, moving my arm so as to get a grasp on her. I pulled her back on the raft.
That is when I noticed the other rafters’ were gone. We were alone.
The water was moving faster and I had to decide if I should turn back to the familiar and fight the current to get back to where we launched and the car awaited us.
It was also dusk and the water was playing tricks on me. I could not tell if I was making any progress.
I knew fighting the current would be hard as the obstacles to get through them the first time were daunting.
I decided to let the raft go with the flow, the current moving forward.
Going back was familiar but going forward had many unknowns.
Was there a huge cascading waterfall that would envelop us and take us over the edge ?
I no sooner thought it, we were swept up in a whirlwind of liquid energy. The waterfall vortex moved us swiftly and tossed and turned us, we separated.
When I came up from the bubbles I looked up to the bank and I saw Rhea there, she was older and she was being wrapped in white warm linens by complete strangers.
I woke up.

“If you prefer to go with the flow“, slipping like water around all types of physical and mental obstacles… you might be a Taoist.”

Best of all Water Worlds

A glass of sweet tea
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Sugar vs Stevia
What to do?
I know I drink entirely too much sweetened iced tea.


Four Generation Iced Tea

about 2 1/2 cups of water

bring to rolling boil

take off heat and add 7 teabags

let steep for at least 20 min

fill gal container half way with very cold water

take teabags out of water

add 2 cups sugar,stir until dissolved

add 1/4 cup real lemon to cold water in gal jar

pour tea mixture into cold water

serve cold over ice

P.S….my Grandmother Martz used fresh mint and 1 1/2 cup sugar

I have a major sweet tooth when it comes to my Maryland Sweet Tea.
I tell people “I drink lots of water,at least a gallon a day”

But it is after all enhanced water with caffeine and other flavors and sweetness.

For health reasons and the influx of all the sweeteners on the market;I have with much determination done my research.

For one week I thought Stevia in the bag was the greatest.Cup for cup the same as sugar.

Now,that aftertaste and the puff of fine powder that explodes from the bag when opened has me reconsidering.

My latest endeavor.
I have found the perfect water drink.
My sweetened iced tea frozen into ice cubes added to a 8 oz glass of water w/just a splash of Lipton 100 % Green tea w/ citrus.


Best of all Water Worlds.