BunnyTime Sunsets and Zen

I spent the day 10 miles up the Keys on a canal. I was with loved ones and friends and it was an most awesome, spectacular day.

All photography was taken by me.


Ashes and Snow


codex ashes and snow.

I dreamed last night an elephant saved me. He lowered his huge trunk and raised me up to safety. It was a powerful dream.

Today some one introduced me to this amazing journey.



Free Like a Eagle

The Enchanted Forest

Osho Tarot

You are out of jail, out of the cage; you can open your wings and the whole sky is yours. All the stars and the moon and the sun belong to you. You can disappear into the blueness of the beyond….Just drop clinging to this cage, move out of the cage and the whole sky is yours. Open your wings and fly across the sun like an eagle.

In the inner sky, in the inner world, freedom is the highest value – everything else is secondary, even blissfulness, ecstasy. There are thousands of flowers, uncountable, but they all become possible in the climate of freedom.

The bird pictured on this card is looking out from what seems to be a cage. There is no door, and actually the bars are disappearing. The bars were an illusion, and this small bird is being summoned by the grace and freedom and encouragement of the others. It is spreading its wings, ready to take flight for the very first time.

The dawn of a new understanding – that the cage has always been open, and the sky has always been there for us to explore – can make us feel a little shaky at first. It’s fine, and natural to be shaky, but don’t let it overshadow the opportunity to experience the lightheartedness and adventure on offer, right there alongside the shakiness.

Move with the sweetness and gentleness of this time. Feel the fluttering within. Spread your wings and be free.


From Osho~

“He invoked complete inner freedom and the responsibility to oneself, not demanding superficial behavioural changes, but a deeper, inner transformation.Desires were to be accepted and surpassed rather than denied.Once this inner flowering had taken place, desires such as that for sex would be left behind”

I like that word surpassed.

Ok,get a piece of paper.I will write mine here and hopefully will not feel the desire to delete it.


” a little experiment. Close your doors and sit in the room, and just start writing your thoughts – whatsoever comes in your mind.

Don’t change them, because you need not show this piece of paper to anybody.

Just go on writing for ten minutes and then look at them: this is what your thinking is.

If you look at them, you will think this is some madman’s work.

If you show that piece of paper to your most intimate friend, he will also look at you and think, ”Have you gone crazy?”

And it is the same situation with him also.

But we go on hiding the craziness.

We have faces, and behind those faces we are madmen.”

Now, do it,get a piece of paper and just write ,do not think,randomness.

Don’t read any further until we exchange writings .OK ?

Scroll Down 

Just reply or private message me your nothingness and random writings.

+My Madness

Ok,that was smooth

I really was supposed to be in the shower but I peed my pants now I have to take a shower.

Random,not thinking.

The cat has been eating centipedes.I try to catch what I can and put them outside for their safety.

They are so neat centipedes.

All those legs and yet they all work so smoothly together.

You know I really wish I knew the keyboard.But I still type fast with two hands even.

I’ve done a lot of  journeying and web page design over the years.

I need a good kiss and hug ?

Hugs are easier.

I guess kissing is probably over rated since so few know how too really kiss a person.



For starters we did this wrong.The instructions were too using a piece of paper and I asked you too reply with your randomness.

Also the instructions said nothing about typing it out in notepad and then pasting it in here.

But that is not what I did.

I did it here with no safety net to delete, proofread what have you.safty doesn’t look spelled right safety there ya go.


What do you have ?

You wasn’t expose to read mine until we exchanged…Remember the instructions ???? Expose doesn’t look right maybe it is suppose to be supposed …OK.

Oh and it said to close the door and write on a piece of paper.

I do not follow directions very well at all.

My shower awaits me.