Click on picture to see it Rain

Rain is falling
The palms are swaying
occasionally the thunder claps in applause

The cats lay sprawled on my bed
ears perking up with the sounds
All is well in their world

It is steady now, falling lightly upon the land
raindrops gently tap at the window panes

I love rain, so pure

It’s a full moon and it’s hiding

It will be gone with the morning light

Time to pause

The storm is over

The Sun will rise

Rain puddles will evaporate
No more tears
No more applause

A New Day
Presented with The Gifts of Life

Dusk is my favorite time of day
The light shows barely enough to light the pastels of the sky


Be Well and Wise
Be thankful for the Moments

by © Cynthia Martz 2011

When it rains, listen closely

it’s ME missing you